Business Project



Apple is an organization that is known for its intelligence and services. The products of the company are well-designed to suit the requirements of the customers. Every product comes after a lot of research which is an integral part of the foundation of the company. The technological advancements that the company offers to its customers are the key element behind its huge success. Apart from that it is also important for an organization to develop a system to carry out its regular business activities so that they can concentrate upon the growth prospect even more.

The company has established itself as an epitome of success in front of its competitors. The main competitors of the company are Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Dell and Sony. All these companies have been trying to level themselves up with Apple’s growth but they have not been successful in doing the same as yet. The closest competitor for the company so far has been Samsung. The company has followed Apple quite closely in terms of its turnover and till date it has been giving tough competition to Apple but Apple remains the leader in the market so far.

Apple has launched several products to cater to the requirements of its customers. The company has launched iPhones, iPads, Mac range of laptops and computers and much more in accessories related with computers and mobiles. The company has recently launched iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus which are another advanced versions of the phones that have been launched by the company previously. The computers and laptops of the company are known for their light weight and efficiency of applications.

In its most recent report of the year 2015 the company has announced a huge profit of $11.1 billion. The company has been growing since past several years and with continued innovation and creativity it has managed to stay on top of all the other companies in its genre. The iMac family of the company has been upgraded with new Retina Display technology which is another feather in the already full cap of the company.

iOS is the platform on which all the Apple devices run. This digital platform makes the applications run on the phones and this is one of the most highly upgraded platforms to work upon. The company keeps on updating the iOS and with every update there are certain improvements accommodated in the phones which make it even more efficient and interesting for the users further enhancing their loyalty towards the brand and attracting more customers every year. The company is high on innovation and it has successfully completed a lot of projects with unbeatable quality.

When it comes to the business activities the company incorporates some efficient strategies which make it better and smooth. The company uses activities like business intelligence, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and data mining as its popular techniques to keep the functions running smoothly (Benson, 2014). The company has implemented all these strategies quite accurately to the places these were required to get the maximum usage and results. This makes the company more profitable and improves the organizational culture as well.

The first technique to be discussed in this range is Business Intelligence. The Business Intelligence technique is one of the most common techniques used by companies for efficient transformation of raw data into information that is more meaningful and useful for the business analysis. Apple has used this technique mostly in surveying the market and bringing out useful information to incorporate into its marketing plans. The BI technology has been used abundantly by the company to identify new strategic opportunities.

Another business technique used frequently by the Apple Inc is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which is a software used for business process management. The ERP software is mostly used by the company to manage the business properly and automate all the back office functions. These functions may vary from being technical to human resource related and also related to customer services. These software techniques have been implemented in various aspects of the company which make Apple a more reliable company because of the swiftness of the functions without any errors.

The next technique that is important to be discussed in this context is the Customer Relationship Management. Commonly known as CRM this technique is a term used for practices, technologies and strategies to manage and analyze their interactions with the customers. This information is further used to analyze how the company is creating better relationships with its customers and how they can improve upon their customer relationship. Apple Inc has utilized this technique for a long time and it has created a very loyal market of its own. The company offers several facilities to its customers that are not available otherwise and this creates a better bond with the customers (High, 2014).

The company also uses a technique called Data Mining which is used to discover patterns in the otherwise large sets of data with the help of a computational process. The concept of data mining is a mélange of techniques like artificial intelligence, statistics, machine learning and database systems. The company has used this technique to find out the common strategies and techniques being used by its competitors and then innovate something better.

Apple Inc has used business intelligence and Data Mining as the computing tools to sort out large sets of data and turning them into profitable information. With the help of these data the company finds it capable of utilizing the correct set of information and put it to good use by improving their marketing and production strategies according to it. The ERP and CRM techniques on the other hand help the company in serving their clients in a much better way thus laying a foundation for its upcoming products. The company has put its feet at all the right places which ensures that it will be among the winners in the future as well.

The company has been successful in its history. It has seen many failures but the company has always taken a lesson from it and implemented the learnt lessons to create success. The use of the above mentioned techniques ensures that the company is concentrated upon creating the best of products for its customers and it is going to continue the journey of successful business functions by implementing better business techniques in future. The company invests a lot in its internal maintenance which includes business function softwares and other computing technologies to make it more useful.

Hence it can be said that Apple Inc has chosen the business techniques quite wisely and utilized them accurately which gives the quite apparent results. The company is gaining a lot from its customers and in return it is giving them the best of services. The success of the company is because of their persistence and consistent performance and these tools have a lot to do with it.



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